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Welcome to Casa Grand, Inn by the Sea. Perched on the ocean’s edge in the charming and serene town of Claveria, Casa Grand sits atop the northernmost point of Luzon in the province of Cagayan.  Resplendent in traditional capiz shell windows, bamboo, narra, palma brava and other native materials, with rooms appointed in traditional tropical Asian textiles, Casa Grand proudly exhibits our Filipino heritage.  Experience this heritage by exploring the natural beauty and bounty of the area by enjoying dips in nearby waterfalls and feasting on fresh caught crabs, or yellow fin.  Immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of these natural surroundings: the ocean’s surf, rain on the thatched terrace roof, the comforting creak of wood.  Away from the hustle and bustle in the city life, Casa Grand is a relaxing alternative and ideal retreat for all vacationers where you can expect quality accommodation at exceptionally reasonable rates.  Welcome to Casa Grand, where the graceful repose of the Filipino “Bahala Na” (Whatever) spirit blends in perfect harmony with superior comfort and professionalism.

  Claveria is located approximately 185 kilometers from Tuguegarao, the provincial and regional center of Cagayan Valley.  Two airports service Claveria, with flights leaving to and from Manila daily.  By bus, Claveria is 3 hours from Tuguegarao airport, 2 hours from Laoag airport.  While known as the “Coastal Paradise of the North,” Claveria offers the eco-tourist uncrowded, long and pristine beaches, rewarding views of the Babuyan Channel, small mountains, interesting rock formations, lush hillsides and forests.  Favorite places of interest include the 4-km long Claveria Beach, the secluded Sentinela Beach, the calm waters of Taggat Lagoon, Macatel Falls, Mabnang Falls, and Portabaga Falls.  Gifted with the abundantly rich China Sea and Cabicungan River, Claveria Bay is a rich fishing ground, assuring fresh seafood throughout the year.  In the summer months, when the sea is at its calmest, visitors can take boats out to view the Claveria coastline, the Balintang Channel and the Babuyan Group of Islands.  Seasons in the province are not very pronounced; a relative dry season occurs during the months of March to June and a relative rainy season from July to October accompanied by slightly cooler weather.

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